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Trihata karana / Love Needs You -- Waves of the Present Moment/ Love Needs You 1 / Love Needs You 2 Bairagi / Sunrise with the Goddess -- sitar sketch / Yum! Yaman Kalyan/ Prayer in Major Scales/ I am Bliss /Bliss is inside 1  /Bliss is inside Bass  Village Songs / Village Songs BrassVillage Songs Brasil / Ganges into Gold /Minds of Asia Rock   Minds of Asia Dreamy Abhogi / Bairagi -- Islands and SeaStrum those strings Electronica Live / Strum those Strings -- Opera Invested in Love / Invested in Love Forever  /Cake / Get off the Glass High Power Hello Love Bye Bye Fear /Bye Bye Fear /Mama Consciousness /Uma's Bells /Let Music Take you to Paradise! /Prayer for China -- Raga Khamaj Lankadhan Sarang Passion and Grace Cycles in Heaven /Raga Bageshwari Bhimpalas /