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Music and Goddess.jpgRanjit Makkuni strum those strings, art, design and music , Mahamaya Experience, opera
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Music created by bouncing balls interacting with the Animals Exhibit, Music & Goddess Exhibitition.

Programmed by Zac Settle.

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The Music and Goddess exhibition presented advances in interactive art through an exploration of the science, art and spirituality of Music, and their reflections in the Goddess images across Asian cultures.

Through a collection of interactive exhibits employing new musical synthesis based on traditional grammar, interactive multimedia installations and recordings of performances by masters, the project   allowed viewers to enter the world of sound, musical landscapes, and it's cultural and spiritual aesthetics.

The project presents both traditional and new instruments based on Indian Sitar, Burmese Saung Harp, Thai Xylophone, Korean Kayagum, Chinese Guzheng and Pipa, Vietnamese Dan Tranh, Javanese & Balinese Gamelan, chanting, and others. New instruments with embedded computation demonstrate interactions through gesture, touch, pull, movement, gaze, and kinesthetic action. In addition, through responsive computing, people by their position, gesture, and movements control musical events in the exhibition environment. 



Music Museum, Dharmshala