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Come back my love accoustic title silver
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Mahamaya Princess, Mahamaya Experience, Ranjit Makkuni


For 4 Acoustic Guitars


Image from Wikimedia Creative commons, 

El Jaleo, John Singer Sargent  (1856–1925)

Collection: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

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Come back my love accoustic title silver

Come Back My Love embraces the music of the night, with an interlocking web of guitars playing raga scales brimming with nocturnal energy.  The melody gradually evolves, building on its themes and growing in stature before peacefully returning to its original form.

Come back my love accoustic, Mahamaya experience

Image from

Dante and Virgil Meeting the Shades of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo by Ary Scheffer (Dutch, 1795-1858), Cleveland Museum of Art

Credit: Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt Fund.



The Mahamaya Experience creates music that blends Jazz, Rock and Funk, crafting sounds that are complex and distinctive. Uniquely, Mahamaya’s music asks us to “visualize an alternative world which is not driven only by 'ego' based technology and 'phallic' innovation”. Today we are excited to share our thoughts on The Mahamaya Experience’s song, “Come Back My Love”!

“Come Back My Love” is a delight for any lovers of strings out there, with this instrumental piece featuring four guitars and a sitar. Indeed, this song is richly textured and I love how many different melodies there are to unpack within this one. There are also two different improvised guitar solos that Mahamaya released for this song; both are a little over one minute in length and are quite captivating. As a whole, this song is incredibly special and provides a refreshing kind of feeling that I really enjoyed.

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