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The song captures the music of  2 criss-crossing trains, each one carrying a potential lover,

and they doesn't realise that, in this un-predictable world,


their soul mate is whizzing by in the train coming at the opposite direction.


Hence in the laboratory of the world there could be 'near misses' and one can many turns before the real thing 'arrives'.

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Opening Theme.

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Variations of the Theme.

Long solos across 16 minutes based on a handful of notes. 

2 Trains is a love song depicting 2 trains carrying potential soul mates, going in the opposite directions, and neither of them knows that their life companion is just whizzing by.

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Conclusion Cadence.

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The Mahamaya Experience Take You Through a Romantic Inspired Ballad of “2 Trains”

That Is Simply Magical

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The Mahamaya Experience brings together phenomenally gifted composers and artists for culturally rich music with a diversity of genres that borrow from the rich hub of classical Asian, Indian, South East Asian and East Asian music. This project is fronted by sitar player and composer Ranjit Makkuni and it has been engineering an all-inclusive sound that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages while also challenging them to set aside their egos because the ego has always been the enemy and with ego you are bound to abuse your greatness, deform your magnificence and deny your radiance since you can never be open to factor in other people’s opinions.

Exuding a precious symphony of synchronicity, The Mahamaya Experience brings to you a special ballad that brings together two lovers in natural and unforeseen circumstances. Two trains are approaching from opposite directions and each carries a potential lover in it and with a world full of endless possibilities, it is a near-mystical tale that may never register in the other’s person’s mind but just maybe a tiny bit of goosebumps and heartbeat was felt when the two trains passed each other.

The melodies in her are expressive and flawless and feel Indian-inspired as they whisk you right into the center of an action-packed Bollywood romantic scene- you can feel it with every inch of your being and as the rhythms continue to ascend so does the impact they have on you!

2 Trains” allow you to take a voyage into awe and a regular heartwarming adventure into the wonders of love which is such a potent source of happiness and in this noiseless contemplation, you will be afforded the luxury to relax into the magic of this experimental piece of genius melody.


2 Trains – Mahamaya Experience (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

By Dave Franklin


 September 30, 2022 


It’s an interesting concept. Two trains pass in opposite directions, each carrying a potential soul mate who will never meet but for this fleeting, unknown passing. It makes you wonder how many people you might pass every day that might have changed your life dramatically and, for the better, had fate only seen fit to allow you to meet.

That is the concept behind Mahamaya Experience’s 2 Trains. And if the idea is interesting, the execution of the music is doubly so. We get so used to modern songs being planned, rehearsed and delivered uniformly, unrelenting and unwavering. 2 Trains, like all of Mahamaya Experience’s music, is improvised, the art of turning one fleeting musical idea and perhaps a handful of notes into florid and fluid outpourings of musical expression.


The opening theme uses hurried tabla beats to picture the trains as they hurl towards their liaison that is not to be, and the sitar layers some gorgeous free-form melodies over it. Variations of a Theme, see some of those early ideas take more solid form, and the themes and motifs now solidify into familiar and recognisable sounds.

Conclusion Cadence sees the journey’s conclusion is built on more intense and ornate musical arrangements before fading off into the distance taking the two would-be soul mates into their new lives, ones that don’t contain the other person.

2 Trains is not only a beautiful and heady concept but also a brilliantly delivered and wonderfully improvised song. The perfect musical accompaniment to a philosophical idea that gets more profound and more demanding of your thoughts the more you think about it.


Mahamaya Experience consider life’s infinite outcomes on their trailblazing track, ‘2 trains’.

An ethereal experience established upon the vibrant sounds of the exhilarating World Music scene, the Mahamaya Experience has continually basked in its ability to transcend the listener into a ‘non-ego’ driven spiritual existence. Consistently challenging musical conventions, their experimental delineation of sentience serves as the crux to their enlightened and numinous approach to music.

As the driving force behind the multicultural outfit, adept sitarist and composer Ranjit Makkuni plays a pivotal role in the creative direction of the project, with his virtuous musicianship allowing each track to embark upon its own unique journey. The heartening ballad, ‘2 Trains’, is certainly no exception, extracting 3 themes from a near 20-minute piece of improvised music. Adhering to the pentatonic minor while adopting frequent subtle changes in rhythm, Makkuni’s mystical playing helps mould an emboldened atmosphere, whose imperishable shades of expectation find assurance  within each warm and vibrant melody.

Premised on the idea that life’s outcomes pertain to a chain of endless capacity, the trusting nature of ‘2 trains’ explores a hypothetical concept by which 2 soul mates embrace life’s tribulations, finding comfort in the hope that one day the stars (or trains) will align. Symbolically depicting a reality where at any given moment 2 paths may cross in a manner so organic and beautiful, the track’s sense of purpose is channelled throughout the motivational music. Beginning with the opening theme, the one-minute span of optimism kickstarts through the bustling percussion and buoyant tone of the sitar, both of which combine to evoke feelings of passion and enthusiasm.

Encompassing the overall theme of belief, the track’s second passage, ‘Variations of the Theme’, contains minor tweaks in rhythm, each of which denote the unpredictability of life. An ever-present feature throughout the track’s duration, the unwavering nature of the percussion seemingly resembles the train motoring across the track with an assured element of purpose. This gains momentum into the emphatic ‘Conclusion Cadence’, where the up-tempo rhythm and entwined melodies harmonise in a manner which culminates in an overwhelming sense of sanguinity.

A revolutionary approach to the way in which we consume music, these 3 clips beautifully capture the volatility of life, finding comfort within the endless possibilities which lie ahead. Condensing 20-minutes worth of improvisation into a range of concise themes, the Mahamaya Experience once again delivers on all fronts, with their audacious approach to music undoubtedly paying off.     

(c),1988-present, Mahamaya Experience. 

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